Friday, January 29, 2010


Jan 6

I am definitely a big picture person, which is one of the things that brought me here. Now that I am here, however, I should focus on the smaller things because that's where I have been called and that's where I am needed. I am really excited to take each day as is comes now that I am here and beginning to feel more settled. Today, things are feeling much more hopeful. Dembelle and Birhanne took Julie and I around the compound a little bit, which really helped me feel more comfortable being here. They showed us the house kids' dormitory, the gardens, the sports fields, the basket-weaving building, the stables (they were milking a cow-- an unusual sight in Ethiopia because their cows are so malnourished), the bead-making studio. We were privileged to talk with these girls to get to know them and Project Mercy better. We watched Dembelle make a beautiful heart bead, and both she and Birhanne talked to us about their favorite subjects and other school-related things. Birhanne is a teacher and is finishing up her 12th grade studies in Chemistry. I had a harder time understading Dembelle's English, but I believe she has already taken the National exam, not passed, and continues to work at Project Mercy, making beads, working in the kitchen, and teaching other women to makes beads.

Dembelle was very captivating to me. She liked the garden a lot and even picked some of the fruits to show us (not really allowed). Birhanne did most of the talking and even relayed some of what Dembelle was saying to us, but I spent more time with Dembelle and talking with her. They are both very delightful girls, and I am very excited to get to know others as well. I am extremely grateful overall to be here, and I will continue to trust in the Lord's strength and find hope in His purpose for our time here.

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