Thursday, February 3, 2011

Frozen Dayz

Okay, snow day number three-- The last time I had this many snow days was my freshman year at Taylor when it snowed like 18 inches and kept snowing. This time is far less exciting because our "snow days" are due to an unkind amount of ice that fell a few days ago. It's not that it's too nasty outside, it's just dangerous, and ice is a lot harder to remove than snow. My roommates car took a few hours of hammering and chiseling this morning before she could leave for work. I am banking on the sun to melt the ice on my car. Today there is a good chance that could happen! It's so sunny! Mmm.

So my days have consisted of a lot of web-surfing, youtube-watching, art-and-crafting, music-writing, handwriting, and now blog-writing. Today I want to share with you some of my plunder from past days. Although I love being satisfied with the things I do own, I am always adding to my wishlist of things that I could buy someday if I do get a little extra spending cash. I like surrounding myself with beautiful things, what can I say? You can also browse through my Etsy favorites by taking a look at the sidebar. There's seriously some cool stuff out there.

Material Goods
Vintage Brown Leather Hiking Boots--size 7
These gorgeous boots are thirty buckaroos on etsy-- so affordable, so adorable, yet one size TOO SMALL. :(

Whipped Butter Dress
This amazingly fun red-carpet-esque dress is on SALE for $54.99 on ModCloth, and I wish so much that I could wear its beautiful color. If you can, please buy it so I can see it on a body. It's seriously a piece of art.

On Back Order - Anatomical Heart Oxidized Sterling Silver Pendant - by Markhed
I have this current obsession with anatomical human hearts. I know, kinda weird, but it reminds me of true love-- the messy, hard-working, real, raw, sorta ugly thing that is true love. Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve and wear it ever more securely around your neck! Love it.

South America Magnetic Geography Puzzle
I just love these handcut wooden continent puzzles. When I studied in Ireland we had to learn all the counties (like states), and we had a puzzle that we put together to help us learn it. It was the best. I hope that someday my kids can know all the countries in the world and their locations within each continent. Tall order? Not with the help of these amazing puzzles.

Who needs furniture?
Zen Zafu Sitting Cushion- Rust Mosaic
I have this great desire to eventually get rid of the traditional dining room set up and get one of those tables that barely comes up off the floor and get a few of these bad boys as the seating around that table. I generally love being on the floor and notice that even when I do sit in chairs, I can't sit comfortably. Many cultures outside of the US eat this way, so why not.

DANCE PHOTOGRAPHY PRINT Crickley Hill Dance 2 6x8
This picture reminds me of when I used to dance and also Ireland. It's beautiful in every way, and I would love to have it hanging in my bedroom or something. Mostly I would love to cover the walls of any place that I dwell with artwork that is beautiful.

Goldenrod Slouchy Beanie
If it fits my weirdly shaped head then I want to wear it! I loved the slouchy look even before it was cool.

Fear and Trembling Image  The Age of Adz

2 more things I hope to own soon.


  1. I saw that very dress on Modcloth and was severely tempted to buy it.

  2. looove the dress :) and those puzzles!